I am a PhD student in the Department of Social and Decision Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University.

I work primarily with Julie Downs, Silvia Saccardo, and George Loewenstein.

My research looks at how individuals respond to performance-related feedback and how such feedback can be effectively framed to encourage uptake and minimize reactance. I am particularly interested in emotional mediators such as shame and guilt and the roles that they play in these processes. Some of my work explores the situational drivers of unethical behavior (cheating, lying, cutting corners, and the like). Recently, I have been working to develop policies that capitalize on different feedback structures to curtail these behaviors.


BA. Psychology • Sarah Lawrence College • Bronxville, NY • 2015

MPhil. Social & Developmental Psychology • Selwyn College, Cambridge University • Cambridge, UK • 2016

PhD. Behavioral Decision Research w Psychology • Carnegie Mellon University • Pittsburgh, PA • Exp. 2021


  • "Effects of Near-Misses on Risk-Taking Behaviors" with George Loewenstein, Julie Downs, and Silvia Saccardo

  • "Incorporating Near-Miss Effects into Deterrence Theory" with George Loewenstein, Julie Downs, and Silvia Saccardo

  • "Effects of Public/Private Feedback on Performance" with George Loewenstein

  • "Punishment Structures and Cheating Behavior" with Silvia Saccardo

  • "Preferences for Costly Lies"

  • MISC

    I sometimes draw pictures.



    twitter: @stevepermut